Our Bedroom Reveal

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I received many DMs asking me questions about my bedroom. So I decided to come on in here and show you guys all the details that came into putting our room together.

So one of the things I tell my friends when they ask me how to get started in a decoration project is how do you want the room to make you feel? This is so important. Many do not know but color can change your mood, hence how you feel through out the day.

So for our bedroom I knew I wanted to wake up feeling fresh, clean, and ready to start the day. Neutrals work great to give you that sensation. So I decided to get a beige fabric bed with white linen. There is no other color that transmits the feeling of CLEAN like white.

Note that there are many different tones of white, so you can always play with it. I decided to go for the whole white look on our bed. I still kept it interesting, by choosing pillows of different patterns in order to make it pop more. 


Fria | Skincare Fridge.

[Nat] Gold Basket,Mirror, Dresser,Oil diffuser [Nat]

I received so many DM’s about this piece through IG. This cant be linked because this was a DIY project made by my husband. He decided to surprise me one night and he created this out of old wood from his brothers bed. Each deco piece I added, represents a precious moment in our relationship (there are hidden notes in back of the pieces). 


This is my favorite dresser because the drawers big enough for great clothes storage, especially that we have a lot of clothes. This is the same dresser we have in the nursery for the same reason. I love its old farm look and it gives it a nice edge to our bedroom since there is so much white. White and greys blend well together and make this simple room look refreshing and clean, which is how I love to wake up in the mornings!

Down below I added some links to similar bedroom styles I absolutely love along with other decorations!!! 

Hope you all enjoyed! If you have any questions regarding pieces that were not linked, send me a comment down below or shoot me a DM through Instagram! I always love to chat!!




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