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If you’ve known me for a while, you know I absolutely #nerdout when it comes to skin and hair products (pretty much everything). To be honest, growing up I had a lot of skin insecurities. I had really bad acne and unfortunately being so young I did not have the proper education on how to treat my skin. I have been the one to try everything until eventually seeking professional help. I eventually found a solution to my acne when I finally went to the best dermatologist in Miami. I took a medication for 6 months and puff went the acne. Never again.

But my skin insecurities still fell short. I was stuck with really bad acne scars. The scars were a reminder of my acne journey. Woke up to it every day and continued to wear make-up to cover it all up. For many years I just lived with it. I did not use skin care products just a regular face wash of Neutrogena that I used to clean my face. It was not until I started Medical school abroad when I started to learn more and more about skin procedures and the importance of how a well put routine can make such a big difference.

While we might all have different genetics or skin issues we are prone to… I’ve discovered over the last several years through research and also talking with doctors & skincare experts is that skin is skin and ALL skin needs certain ingredients to help it be healthy, vibrant and beautiful. Today Im going to talk about the most BASIC products EVERY single person should have in their skincare routines. I have done my research and have years of personal experience.


Be Balanced Foamy Cleanser by Monat

Something we should all be doing in order to take care of our skin is washing our face every single night. Its important to note that our bodies are running while we sleep, so its essential to also wash your face in the morning, to get rid of all the sweat, and dirty particles our skin releases while we sleep.

So I personally have very oily skin. I struggled in the past to find products equipped for my skin type. I always found more products for dry skin (and hair) than oily skin.

After testing so many products, I have learned that while I do have oily skin and I need to control the amount of oil, it is also important to find a product that does not dry out your skin completely.

Why? You may ask. Dry skin causes wrinkles and fine lines. Using products that contain the right ingredients for your skin type will create that perfect balance between dry and oily skin.


I finally got it right! I use two different products to wash my face. If I was wearing make-up all day I would use Cera-Ve first in order to remove all the dirty excess of make-up that is left behind. Cera-Ve makes my skin feels extra clean and thats why I love it but it does make my skin a little dry for my liking. So after I wash my face with Cera-Ve, I then wash my face with the foamy cleanser Be Balanced from Monat. Yes! I wash my face twice. The first wash is to remove excess and the second wash is for the cleanser to be absorbed into my dirty free pores and leaving my skin feeling extra clean.

Think about it like this. When you are going to wash a dirty pan that just cooked with, you usually do 2 washes. First you apply soap to remove the grease, then rinse it and finally do a second wash to actually clean the surface of the pan. The same concept should be applied to your skin when you are going to cleanse it. If your skin has left over residue from dirt, or make- up inside your pores, the harder it will be for other essential skin care products to enter the skin barrier if its clogged.


The Foamy Cleanser by Monat is my go to because it does not leave my face to dry or oily. It is absolute perfection. Down below are other products in different price ranges that I have used in the past and I liked as well.

Other products:

This is the cleanser I use if I have been wearing make-up all day. I use this before washing my face with second cleanser. I absolutely love it, your face WILL feel extra clean with this. 

  • Be Balanced Foamy Cleanser by Monat

This is my absolute favorite cleanser!! The name says it all. It leaves my face feeling so soft, clean, not oily, and not dry. It truly creates the perfect balance by removing oil but hydrating my skin as well. It brightens my complexion and purifies my pores.

This face wash is another alternative. The difference in price is not much. But this was my cleanser a very long time ago and I use to love it!! Its still good and works well. 


Eye Smooth Nourishing Eye- Cream by Monat

The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate. Which requires different treatment than the rest of your skin. Finding a good eye cream that works for you is extremely important because this is one of the first places women start to show first signs of aging. The picture above is the eye cream that Im currently using and it is absolutely amazing and it has helped diminish my dark circles. I still have not come across someone who does not love this eye cream. Results are Results and if there is a product from Monat I recommend is this eye smooth cream.

I did not use any other eye creams prior to this one. This became an essential of mine after I became a mom, because of the dark circles I started to develop because of lack of sleep.


C. Radiance by Monat

Every single person should be using Vitamin C serums every morning. Ever since I started using this serum, my skin transformation was enormous. It does not matter what kind of skin you have.

This is a must have and here is why?

Vitamin C helps protect the skin the skin from A LOT of problems: including sunburn, photoaging, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, sagging, dryness, and uneven skin tone. I think no matter what doctor or skin expert you talk too they will all recommend Vitamin C. I have been using C. Radiance for the past 3 months and Im in love with this product. To all the people I have recommended this product too, have all said the same on how this product has changed their skin. Down below I have linked other Vitamin C Serums in different price ranges that I have used in the past.

Other Products:

This serum is great alternative it is slightly less expensive. 

This would be another great choice!! but it is way more pricey.


Be Balanced Lightweight Moisturizer by Monat

Last but not least, the most essential skin care product that I recommend to everyone. Even if your on a tight budget and can only buy one product this will be it. Moisturizing your skin is the product that will create that barrier between your skin and your make-up. I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your skin hydrated. This is a key factor in order to help with anti-aging. Like I said previously above, if your skin is too dry this will cause fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Even before I had a whole skin care routine and did not give the level of importance to it as much as I do now, I always placed moisturizer before applying my makeup. I remember there were a few times I was in such a hurry and I would forget to apply it. Worse after feeling ever!! I recall my face feeling stiff and so dry that my make up would become flaky and not last as long through out the day.

 Try it for your self, so you feel the difference.

But my new obsession is with the Monat Line. I have never used all products from the same line until now, because it was always difficult to find a whole line that would actually work for me. Monat has different lines for different skin types. Down below are some moisturizer’s in different price points that I used in the past. 

Other Products:

I used this moisturizer from 2016-2018. I was in love with it at the time but it is very pricey!! But it did last me a very long time.

I got this moisturizer a month before I started to use the Monat line. I was soo in love with it. Its the most refreshing moisturizer I have ever placed on my face. The smell of lemon is absolutely incredible. It really does make your skin feel like its breathing pure air.

I used the sample version of this moisturizer that I received at Sephora. I would switch between this one and bobbi brown one. Since the bobbi brown was so expensive and wanted it to last longer. Its a really good moisturizer as well and it did feel refreshing and my make up did fit well with it. Note this moisturizer doesnt have a scent. 

Okay so lets recap. If you have no skincare routine right now whatsoever or don’t know where to start… start here:

  • Cleanser
  • Eye cream
  • Vit C Serum
  • Moisturizer

This is the most BASIC skincare routine ever but if you can incorporate these products in NOW, your skin will thank you and I promise you.. you’ll see a big difference!

– For Monat products they do not have a retailers link, since they are not sold at stores. In order to purchase these products send me a DM through my instagram and I will be more than happy to answer any questions and help you out!

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