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After much anticipation, I am so overly excited to share our neutral nursery with you! Creating this space was so surreal. I finished his nursery after he was born, when we moved to a bigger home. My whole idea behind the design and feel of this room was just for it to be simple and cozy. I knew I wanted to go the neutral route because Im not a fan of blue nurseries and the rest of our home is neutral. And this way, I can use the furniture for future babies regardless of what the gender they are. I also wanted to keep this nursery under a budget since we are saving for our first house and babies use a crib 12-15 months. Since we carry these tiny little humans for 9 months, I had plenty of time to look for ideas and shop for furniture and decorations at the right price.

I used a lot of my inspo for this nursery from Pottery Barn Baby. I remember looking at their dresser that was so spacious but was around 1400 (Out of our budget). So I was able to find a dupe of their dresser from Ikea which was under $350. The Ikea Hemnes white dresser was perfect for what I wanted. It had the sufficient drawer space to fit all of the babies clothes, blankets, and diapers, which made it at an arms reach. Which is very important when your changing a baby. I also did not want to spend money on a piece of furniture that only serves the function of a changing table. I wanted something he can grow with.


 [Nat] Skip Hop Changing Table | Ubbi Diaper Pail | Baby Bandana Bibs | Baby Blankets | Hatch Rest MachinePacifier Clip [Nat]

The changing table and dresser are a my favorite find, and I am so excited about this Skip Hop Changing Pad that I got! It’s so easy to wipe down after a diaper change. I do not have to worry about changing pad sheets, or underline when the baby has a little accident (especially in the middle of the night). The material is soft and you can clean it with anything. I have had it for 9 months and there are no stains on it or color-less spots. I also got this Hatch Baby Rest nightlight/sound machine at my shower. It plays very soothing music and you can set schedule for it from your phone.

One of the most asked questions I got when I shared this on my Story was about the drawer organizers.  In the top two shallow drawers, I am storing things like nail clippers, FridaBaby Windi’s and NoseFrida, diaper cream, socks, and other necessities. I used these shallow organizers and they fit perfectly!  In the drawers below, I am storing his clothes, and blankets separated by size in these organizers from Amazon.

[Nat] Book Shelves| Stack Toy| Baby Blocks| Stacking Action Blocks [Nat]

This area in room is “his” favorite. I wanted to keep it simple and place the most important toys he needs. I complimented this area with three Book Shelves. We have story time in this area of his room everyday right after “clean up time”. The toy storage were an awesome find at Tjmaxx. You can always go and check the baby area for really good finds! 

[Nat] Ottoman | Woven Basket | Storage Bin [Nat]

I absolutely love this because of how cozy it is and calming it is. Keeping a baby room simple with not too much helps maintaining it look clean and put together. If you have any questions regarding anything featured that is not link drop a comment down below or you can always send a DM through instagram!! 


Hope you enjoyed it

Natdoba xoxo

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